Anyone successfully gotten RUSER to do SSH on IGEL?

Has anyone successfully gotten RUSER to do SSH? I managed to get USER and even ROOT to work (with PUBLIC KEY too!!), but RUSER keeps getting disconnected.

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Hi @member a couple of things about ruser. It requires a password which should be set under Security –> Password –> User Account for Remote Access.

Secondly, the ruser account is only allowed to run whitelisted commands. Below are the default commands.

Adding ‘/bin/sh’ and then starting a session with ‘ssh -t ruser@ipaddress /bin/sh’ would allow shell access for the ruser account, but I believe the idea is to provide an account that can very easily be limited to minimal remote functions.

@member Thanks! I had password enabled just not doing the right command…

‘ssh -t ruser@ip’ doesn’t work (Connection closed)

‘ssh -t ruser@ip /bin/sh’ works after adding it to the approved app, otherwise “Error: the requested application is not allowed.”)

@member That is the expected behavior. You have to pass one of the white listed commands when you connect or the terminal session is disconnected with the error you indicated.

Yes, thank you!

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