Anyone tried installing the Citrix VDA for Linux in IGEL OS?

Good morning all…I’m curious, has anyone tried installing the Citrix VDA for Linux in IGEL OS? It would be an interesting exercise to see if that would work in a CP…Remote PC for example. I can’t see a use case for doing it in the enterprise…it would be more of a curiosity than anything.

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@member perhaps as our resident IGEL wizard you’ve heard of someone doing it…

I am not allowed to give out their name, but there is a company who makes extensive use of the Linux VDA for their non-IT engineers for Remote PC and remote desktop use. They are probably the reason Citrix invests so much into the Linux VDA.

@member I didn‘t until now tbh. but will ask! From my opinion it feels a bit like the movie inception😌

Can you provide a downloadlink as PM?

for the VDA?


There are Linux VDAs for RHEL/CentOS, SUSE 12 SP5, and Ubuntu. WHich would you like?

Ubuntu, 18.04, x64

On it. I’ll PM a link

oh…thx carl…was working on that too but if you ahve done it already I’ll stop

I’m on vacation and in the dark ages…you wouldn’t believe how slow/unreliable my connection is right now lol

I think Citrix runs Sharefile uploads over a 150 baud modem

lol…I think you may be right.

In the Ozarks…barely any cell service, and the wifi and internet connection are both awful. 4mb down 1 up would be generous. Took me 3 hours to upload a ~256mb zip file last night because it kept timing out.

Ozarks, are you allowed to wear shoes? 🙂

Maybe they are still on the barbed-wire telephone system (whoch was a real thing)

I learned to love ozarks thanks to the Netflix Serie!


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