Anyone using Citrix Browser Content redirection in production?

Hi, anyone using Citrix Browser Content redirection in productive? I did some tests with UD3 Lx devices and IE11 and Chrome. Up to 720p the results seem acceptable. However the the controls are clumsy also Chrome seems to work worse than IE11. eg. BCR not kicking in, Google error 413 “request to long”.

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Hi Markus, can you provide the Igel OS Firmware / Workspace App version you are using?

We use it in a production environment here it works depending on what OS your using

Hi, it is UD3-LX 50ac. and default Workspace App 19.3.0. Multimedia Codec-Pack (MMCP) is active my collegue told me.

513 seems to be a known bug of Workspace app – should be fixed in 1908

@member looks good to me, you should be fine by using 10.06.120 and WA 19.6.0!

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