Anyone using Citrix Sharefile as and FTP for updating devices over IGEL ICG?

Hey all!

I have seen several past posts on admins having issues using Citrix Sharefile as and FTP to update devices over ICG. Has anyone been able to get Sharefile working as their FTP or know of cost effective ways of updating devices over ICG?

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We use s3

Here is note from Citrix on setting up.

If you are using a specific port then add the port to the string:


Hi Zach, we know Citrix made a change to their Sharefile service several months back, and since then we have not been able to use the Sharefile service as a firmware repository.

I do see that the articles shared by Ron have been recently updated, so it would be worth trying per those instructions

I haven’t tried recently. I had tried at one time and could never get it to work without allowing FTP vs SFTP. If they made a change recently, I may try again. However, for now, like @member, we are using S3. It’s relatively simple to setup.

Thanks all. I will see if I can convince management to fund a POC with S3.

You could likely do it for free or close to it for testing using the free teir

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