Anyone using IGEL OS with Citrix Cloud?

Anyone using IGEL with Citrix Cloud? I can authenticate and get the apps, but launch fails. DigiCert Root CA has been added.

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We do with on-prem storefront through on-prem adc. However, I believe I have tested it with citrix workspace service.

Thanks David, where would I start troubleshooting, must be some logs somewhere

where did you add the digicert root CA cert to (what directory)?

hmmm, just default I guess

you got it working though; right (by switching to self-service)?

What version of the WSA app are you using? I believe the two older versions of WSA have the issue with that cert but the newest does not.

Do you have the deviceTRUST client enabled on your IGEL?

Still failing, newest version. Will check with Citrix cause I am testing EDT on Citrix Cloud

Trond, we are using Citrix Cloud but we tell user to go via browser and not the application. This works fine for us

Thanks, got it working with both after disabling EDT


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