Anyway of stopping Citrix HDX audio from being the sound device?

Anyway of stopping Citrix HDX audio from being the sound device? or any way to pass through usb device and have this appare in the XenDesktop Session ?

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May I ask for which use case you need the device in the session?

For SkypefB, Jabber, as an example we have a different approach…

we have a jabra headset that wont ring on the base unit ..

But you use with a Unified Messaging tool, I guess?

wanted to see if can control it via jabra application but it dont see it because its called Citrix HDX Audio…

Mitel Phone software

and Skype for business

Ok!! On the Skype for Business Part I would suggest to use the RTME:

There you should be able to use your Headset, Mic, Webcam, Speaker or ringing device as it would be used directly in Session.

Please be aware that you need a separate piece of Software (delivered by Citrix HDX RealTime Connector) that has to be on the same version like ours: 2.6.

Please don‘t use USB Redirection here, since it will bypass all advantages of the RTME

On Mitel, it‘s a bit different…You could try to redirect them, but it isn‘t guaranteed to work because the redirection isn‘t really the most performant way to use audio devices.

For the Jabra Control itself:

we currently use the HDX realtime connector .. so thats what we use and works across the group.. anyone used jabra xpress to provide more guidance on how to set this up ?

Let’s start with RTME first: so, the Skype Client is optimized (two blue triangles in taskbar) when starting a session from Igel OS, if yes, you should see more then the Citrix Audio: you should see everything connected to your endpoint.

On Jabra: do you mean this config?

Yeah that config… I’ve got Dashboard URL … is the Source URL the link of the package?

Right! Dashboard URL => Dashboard Server, Source URL=>Link of Xpress package

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