Are Bios Updates available for IGEL Devices

We would like to apply custom BIOS settings to our UD3 60’s…. I’m not immediately seeing any centralized BIOS settings management piece in UMS – would anyone be able to advise/direct on how to centrally manage the BIOS settings for an iGEL device? ….Please? It’s not feasible to touch every single device deployed 😕

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I’m afraid to say … even if the cat looks cute… well…. caughing that our own devices don’t apply to this approach.

The UMS is only allowing LVFS Bios deployments… I’m uncomfortable in telling this, believe me…

Ouch….So we have absolutely no means of centrally configuring hundreds of iGELs across the US and Amsterdam? 😞

In terms of Bios settings? No… But let me ask differently: what are you wanting to achieve on Bios level?

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