Are there any caveats with an IGEL Custom Partition putting a file directly in the /custom directory?

Are there any caveats with a custom partition putting a file directly in the /custom directory? I’m asking because we have a custom partition that does put such a file in /custom, and when it is updated, that file is being deleted, even though it exists in both the old version and the new version of the custom partition, and the installation of the new version fails (whether it’s because it can’t file the file or because of file locking (the file forcefully stops the process that the C.P. installs), or something else, I am not sure). However, if I put that file inside the directory that the C.P. installs to, it remains and works.

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Usually, if the file is needed by an Application that is located in your CP, I would recommend to pack file the tar.bz2 original package. A CP package update might result in an unmount, wipe and remount. Files outside the tar.bz2 will get wiped too.

The file is in the .tar.bz2 package, but it’s in the root of the directory, so it doesn’t go in a subdirectory of /custom when it’s extracted, but directly inside /custom.

I didn’t design the custom partition… it was designed by a vendor.

Which Software is it if I might ask?

It’s the Avaya Agent for Desktop.

If it goes to /custom you should be good but it might not get linked into Filesystem (without knowing this init script exactly.).

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