Are there any known problems with Wyse D10D

Are there any known problems with Wyse D10D and newer IGEL OS firmwares with Citrix disconnects?

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11.06.100 – works fine

11.08.330/360 – Citrix session starts but disconnects after 30 seconds. The user can reconnect the session and it works fine for the rest of the day

IGEL UD3 and other clients do not have this issue

Might be related from what I read…

We have random disconnects on the dell Wyse 3040. But for us its not that bad because we have to change em anyway, cause of the lack of memory. OS 12 needs more and we will switch soon as all runs fine 🙂

To which devices are you switch? @member 🙂

I have to switch too but still thinking about the right device…

@member as we use Lenovo in our “FatClient” Enviroment, we’re also using Lenovo for our IGEL Cosmos Project.

Specificly the m75q Gen 2 with the Ryzen3 Cpus . The Performance is awesome and you have enougth reserves for Hardware offloading.

the big benefit is the “one DeviceType” way with this Clients, cause you have enought power for normal Office use on Windows with them.

@member Thank you for answering. This sounds great 🙂

We use Lenovo too for our FatClients. And my thinking is the same as yours 😉

So i will put the m75q on the 1st posisiton on my list. 👍

try Profile/Setup > Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > Codec > ‘Accelerated H.264 Deep Compression codec’= Disabled

@member this is disabled already =>

ok I found the reason for the crashing d10d 🙂 => teams 🙂 when I start Teams, the Citrix client on the d10d crashes

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