Are there any limitations for embedded DB regarding IGEL UMS?

Hello guys, just joined here. Are there any limitations for embedded DB regarding UMS? We are now at 1000 Clients and still using embedded DB. Currently we are facing the problem, that several devices only get new profiles when they are manually adviced. (Send Setting UMS==>Device(s). What could be the problem ?

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Hello @member I don’t think that’s a problem with the embedded db. Maybe it could be something with the UMS itself. What ums version and endpoint-firmware are you running?

Hello @member we are running UMS-Version 6.02.110 and have a lot of different devices and firmware-versions. The Devices having the problem today are: UD3-LX 50 and 51ac running Firmware

The Konfiguration-Profile-Level equals

The problem only exists on endpoints with the firmware For example endpoints with 10.05.800.01 got no problem with the profile deployment? I believe that you already done a reset to factory defaults per device?

@member just a few ideas in addition to @member s points, this thread are covering them:

might be a first helping checklist.

@member no, to problem is no firmware specific, all firmware-versions have the problem. even lx5 firmware versions. the problem persists with factory default resetting. Some devices might get the new profilesettings, some not at all. @member the profile-level is not the problem, i can choose the new version. linked profiles are not applied.

That‘s what I understood but when you start here:

Can you please issue the following command on the endpoint, in a terminal:

probeport igelrmserver 30001

and give us the result?


it will help us to sort out network issues…

Then the Cache which is available in 6.02 might interfere.

probeport “Connection succesful” so no problem there

Great and how does it looks like on cache?

how can i test that?

Like described in the other Thread I posted before:

„Under UMS Administration, Cache: is this feature activated?“

Hey no it is not activated, do you suggest to activate it?

No, not on that UMS Version. Can you issue a ping igelrmserver on a concerned endpoint and check if the IP corresponds to your actual UMS Server?

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