Are there any logs I can pull to check why a IGEL OS device isn’t getting its license?

Are there any logs I can pull to check why a device isn’t getting its license?

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Some devices from a pack are showing as unlicensed but have been added to the correct packs and ALD is configured and working correctly with the device showing correctly in both packs.

These are for a remote partner connecting through ICG who says they were working fine for the last month. I can’t be sure what license option was picked during initial setup as they are partners in a different country.

UD3 running OS 11.03.500.01 with an EMP and WE license.

ICG 2.01.130

UMS 6.04.110

Well, I would first highly suggest to update the ICG to 2.02 and 6.05 (since we fixed a few bugs and added performance fixes).

On a second, you could check on the device what the content of the Licens files is giving back:

Igel Setup=>Accessories=>Terminal=>+

Login as root

check the license files in /license/dsa/licenses/

They should match your license balance.

Upgrades are being planned shortly we think!

I’ll check that on some of the devices. After working on some configs, it seems like some of the devices are slowly picking them up, but not sure why some of them went unlicensed.

Hmm seem to have all eventually picked them up, no idea why it happened in the first place, 5 or 6 happened to be added to multiple WE licenses which I resolved but not them all

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