Are there any notebooks with an LTE modem, that work with IGEL OS?


Are there any notebooks with an LTE modem, that work with igelOS?

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Has somebody a tip for me?

Thank you very much!


Hi Tom, atm. I would look out for devices that ship:

_Huawei E3372 LTE 0x12D1:0x14DC_

_Sierra EM7345 LTE 0x1199:0xA001_

_HP Hs3110 HSPA+ LTE 0x03F0:0x521D_

_Sierra EM7455 WWAN module_

But I will ask PM.

In general, the IGEL Community HCL is helpful, even if this specific topic isn‘t covered.

@member anything that comes to your mind?

FYI — Some clients are opting to tether to their smartphone for wifi.

I think this Modules listed above are very old and not included in Devices in 2021…

Current Fujitsu Lifebooks have LTE modules with EM7455. Just ordered two of them for testing.

Thether is not an option for us.

Hi Tom! Thank you for that feedback! Would you mind to share the model numbers you choosed?

I look around and found this Type

LIFEBOOK U9310X —> here you can use Fibocom L850 GL or Sierra EM 7455.

There are some more:

I took this one:


really – those are the only 4 LTE devices which are supported…

Then the advertising should not really talk about LTE possible!

Well, it depends mostly from the Hardware vendor, if the Modem vendor (Sierra was a bit wider here) doesn’t provide it, by default, we have to wait for fors but we are trying to avoid it because of support issues.

could you install a Linux driver afterwards?

If there is one, we can try to integrate it via a Custom Partition a.e. but the most pretty way is to have it integrated by our devs.

if there is already a custom partition (VPN) then it will probably not be possible?

You can have many CPs… Here is video on steps…

Here is an example for this…

cool – thank you

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