Are there any plans to offer a hosted, cloud-based IGEL UMS in the foreseeable future?

Hi all, My company is currently using Wyse Management Suite Cloud (i.e.

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The main blocker to convince the business I work for to move to IGEL seems to be the lack of a cloud-hosted UMS solution.

My company does not want to host on-prem workloads which can be used in the cloud, without the need to manage them.

So my question is – are there any plans to offer a hosted, cloud-based UMS in the foreseeable future?

One of the few Wyse-Dell advantages is that we can use the same WMS Pro Cloud licence for on-prem or cloud WMS…

Hi Dawid, hosted by Igel itself? Let‘s say we are evaluating this option, yes but no Roadmap there I could share. But if there is a huge demand behind it we will for sure going deeper!

On ability to install our Software and manage devices from the cloud: yes! That‘s easily feasible!

Thanks for the quick reply Sebastien,

Hope this solution will find its place on the Roadmap soon, it would be so much easier and faster to the new customers to onboard IGEL clients..

I heard some IGEL Partners are offering this kind of solution 😉

Where are you based?

Hi Markus,

We are UK based with offices around the world which don’t have access to our internal network.

That’s one of the reasons why ideally we don’t want to host UMS on-prem.

I am just starting getting myself up to speed with IGEL solutions, if you could point me in the right direction if it comes about a hosted (by IGEL Partners) UMS that would be great 🙂

quick question for you David, are you able to do firmware update on remote devices with WMS? what about remote VNC ? can you push configs as well? I’m asking for a client, thanks

Yes, remote firmware upgrade works in cloud/Dell hosted version of the WMS. Remote VNC is not supported.

I am not sure what you mean by “pushing config” but obviously applying any config remotely also works there.

thanks mate that exactly what I need to convince my client to get rid of WMS 😄

Btw even on Wyse 5070 Teams redirection doesen’t quite work and on HP ThinOS they only support 1912 (in the next release). So if you wish to do Teams AV redirection, IGEL OS is your only option!

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