Are there any plans to support exFAT USB storage devices on IGEL OS in the future?

Are there any plans to support exFAT USB storage devices on IGEL OS (LX) in the future? We have an increasing demand from our users to support their newer personal USB storage devices with high capacity and those usually run on exFAT.

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This one is for you I assume😑

is it?? 😉

I can remember that we had this topic some month ago but I can’t remember the result of the discussion….

From a technical view: exfat is a Windows based creation and not easy to implement on linux without getting license issues like using fuse…

@member thank you for the keyword – license – I can remember that it was quite expensive because IGEL needs to license each thin client / IGEL OS11 regardless whether the user uses exFAT devices or not

Any alternatives? Mapping the devices into the windows session is something that comes to my mind, but from a performance standpoint probably not the best way to do it.

The problem with exFat is the following: as soon as IGEL as vendor gives its customers the possibility to handle exFAT devices IGEL needs to license exFAT. There is no difference between mounting an exFAT device in the IGEL OS itself or mapping respectively redirecting an exFAT device into the windows session.

You mean redirection? Yes, that works quite well (not such as good like mapping, but ok)!

Yes with native USB redirection. Only problem will be, you need to know all the VIDs if you don’t want to redirect all mass storage devices.

I didn’t know about exFAT licensing — I’ve used it on Linux without noticing any licensing information (I usually need to explicitly accept a non-free licensing for anything I install). It looks like I’ve been using exfat-utils and fuse-exfat, both of use the G.P.L. According to, exfat is a free exFAT file system implementation. Does that make any difference?

Hi Jeremy as long as you are private user, everything is fine… 😉

But as soon as you become a hardware vendor / OEM you need a license agreement

Note: exFAT storage has been added to IGEL OS!

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