Are UD3 LX50 and LX50 supported for OS12?

Hi All, my first migration to OS12 will be near but I cannot find where to check if the specs of my current UD3-LX 50 and 51 meet the requirements for OS 12. Can someone help me out?

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Thanks @member! To be short; none of my current UD3-LX 50 and 51 will be supported 😞

Unfortunately yes, I have heard people saying that os12 runs fine on less powerful devices but as far as official support goes it’s a no 😕

supported != working

My client has 500 UD3-LX 50 and 51 so I am afraid I have a less populaire message for them. Positive side is I found out that OS 11 is supported with new firmware versions (right?) until the end of 2025 so they have time to make a budget.

Basically, your limitation is memory and disk space. If you can have a minimum of 4 Gb of RAM and 8Gb disk, could work with OS12.

You can replace both to work, but I don ́t know if they are available on any place. Ex: UD3 M340C Windows version had 4 Gb RAM and until 32 Gb of disk

@member but the main issue, that the official support is not there for the UD3 clients, will not be solved. @member we have the same issue with our UD2 (M250C) clients, @member too. The official support is not there and so we can’t use it with OS 12. Our plan for the moment is to run these clients until years 2025 and replace then all devices.

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