Assigning adminstrative tasks IGEL OS via a Profile

Is anyone successfully using the administrative tasks to assign profiles to thinclients?

Assigning profiles via administrative tasks are shown assigned in UMS but not on the thinclients themselves

Update: narrowed it down to LX10-Devices so far

Update 2: Had some inconsistent results – even with LX4-Devices. I have recreated one of the profiles I want to assign automatically (numlock off) and used this to assign – and it works. I guess I have to reevaluet all my profiles 🙁

Tested with:

UMS 5.08.100

Count Produkt-ID Produkt Version

1x UC1-LX ac IGEL Universal Desktop OS 3 10.03.570.01 (Fujitsu Notebook using UDC)

Update: worked as described after reset to defaults ~1x UD3-740 LX IGEL Universal Desktop LX 4.14.300.01~

Update: worked as described after reset to defaults ~1x UD3-LX 50ac IGEL Universal Desktop LX

1x UD3-LX 50ac IGEL Universal Desktop LX 10.03.570.01

Profile: (disable numlock)

checked via console with:


(and tested on the device-keyboard)

does not work:

1. created a view to get the thinclients when online

2. made an administrative task for the view from (1) to assign profile

3. waited for execution

4. checked assignment in UMS -> profile was applied

5. console: get_rmsettings (also restart to apply settings) -> OK

6. checked in UMS on the thinclients there is the option applied correctly (numlock disabled)

7. console: get -> Result “true”, where it should be “false” for “start with numlock on”

does work:

1. took away the automatically assigned profile

2. assigned it manually to the thinclients

3. the settings were applied correctly.

i tried 5 different profiles / views / tasks. the thinclients were in a directory with no profiles, the thinclients itself had no other profiles applied.

A: Yes, worked fine for update automation. Did you encounter issues?

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