Assigning Profiles based on a schedule

I’m trying to save cost by shutting down iGels at nights and weekends, but is there a way to get them to auto power on on a scheduled time/day? I tried suspend/shutdown Job, but they wouldn’t respond to Wake Up.

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Or if there’s a way to disconnect all VDI sessions and just sit idle on nights/weekends so it doesn’t take up our cloud VDI resource?

Hi Katie,

Using a Shutdown and Wake up Job would be my first bet. Waking up is a bit tougher due to network but there:

might help.

On general power saving: why not turning down the device as soon as the session is closed?

Those iGel devices need to stay on & connected to VDI during business hours, and they’re kiosk type Windows session used in healthcare exam rooms. If there’s a way to prevent auto-connect for Horizon during set times/days, that’d be ideal.

Why not rather using Logon times on backend side?

Interesting idea, we can give that a try. Although it’s more preferred that accounts don’t get disabled at all in case of an emergency at the clinics and they open late.

You could also apply different profiles (auto connect and not auto connect) in a scheduled way.

I see that you could assign objects to devices of views, but can you unassign on a schedule?

with Administrative Tasks

Also which profile would take precedence? Is there a way to enforce it like GPO?

I’ll have a look tomorrow. I know , and we had the topic here already with an example, that you can use the API ( in that case with powershell) to get this working

The Admin task assigns directly to endpoint, sp, highest priority. Detaching is another story, here API offers more flexible approaches.

> I see that you could assign objects to devices of views, but can you unassign on a schedule?

that is correct. there is no way you can unassign via adminitrative tasks. there is also no command for a job in the UMS to assign / unassign profiles.

you can (un)assign profiles via the Rest-API (IMI) though. there is a (my) Powershell-module PSIGEL available which has functions to do that. you can write a script and schedule that.

i link the help for both of the functions, if this is an option and I can help you creating a script let me know.

Thanks! I’ll look into it.

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