Audio not always playing over the headset on IGEL OS

Hi, my customer mentioned that in the session not always automatically the audio is playing over the headset. I created a hotkey for the audio preferences and in this way they can correct it but as in the screenshot in my opinion the audio should always playing through the headset. Did I miss something?

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Hi Henk, which Firmware and, can you send a screenshot of the sound manager showing the Headsets Input / Output ?

Will take a look. What do you excately mean with the screenshot of the sound manager? Shadowing a device and make a screenshot of the audio settings with the device attached?

Yes, exactly!

This are the default audio settings in the session so in my opinion it looks good. Firmware version is 11.04.240. Maybe the issue is when the user connects the headset after starting the session?

Looks good! That might be a cause, is it happenjng too when using a USB Headset?

This is a USB Headset

Don’t know if it’s related – perhaps that reg key is worth testing:

Added: Multiple audio devices can be mapped

inside the sessions. This will display audio devices with their device name

and not only HDX audio anymore


|Parameter |`Multiple Audio Device support` |


|Registry |`ica.module.vdcamversion4support` |


|Value |False* (default)/True |


Note: Bluetooth devices are currently not supported for Device Redirection.

@member usually you are using RDP, is this Citrix this time?

Citrix it is for this customer

Then, the key sent by Udo should give you the ability to change the standard out /input devices from within the Citrix Session, over the Windows Soundmanager.

@member The reg key is a Citrix only I guess? Would need a kind of setting in some of my customers RDS environments 😉

Only Citrix unfortunately…

I was already afraid you would say that……😔

Don’t be afraid – it’s 2021 🕺😁

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