Audio problems with IGEL OS 11.04.240

We are currently testing new UD2 with 11.04.240 + citrix. Some settings does not get saved. Example is when using USB yealink UC700/900 speaker they are not set as default speaker and therefor unable to change volume, fix is to disconnect citrix and setup sound preferences. Then it works correct, until reboot of unit then its back to displayport as standard. Using a Jabra UC510 the problem does not occur and the speaker is set auto correct on start. Any ideas why the settings arent saved in igel?

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First: I will send you the Private Build with .264 version and Citrix Workspace App update.

On the other hand is the Volume setting sometimes related to the relevant Unified Communication.

Are you using a UC Client?

Last point: is Native USB Redirection in use? If yes: please disable it.

Thx for superfast reply! I ́ll check native usb redirection. As for UC client, all uc is done from citrix with offloading for Zoom and Teams at the moment. These work flawless when we have set the correct sound preferences.

Hi, quick update. No Native USB Redirection is set and a test UD2 is updated. It still cannot set the correct device within a reboot. It reverts to Raven / Raven2 HDMI/DP output.

Can you set the Default Input / Output devices? Would that work as a Workaround?

Its set and does not do anything different 😞 Setting it to a device name would not be beneficial as we use Jabra as well. Input device is correct, its the output that does not see the USB device before the DP i guess.

I meant setting the Default INPUT and OUTPUT in that window, inside the profile. It would at least function to enter the exact out put name into the respective device name field. Reboot, and your default devices should get set.

Thank you, it seems to function as intended. Setting automatic and the device name gives the yealink as standard between reboots. Plugin a Jabra and that works as well correct. 🙂

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