Avaya Agent and or Avaya IX Workplace VDI via IGEL OS custom partitions

Has anyone either deployed the Avaya Agent and or Avaya IX Workplace VDI custom partitions?

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I’ve got the software deployed, but interested to know how others have deployed the application config files (baked in/via separate UMS policy or other) and where you’ve deployed them to on the file system.

I don’t mind some of these files being non-persistent and getting refreshed each reboot, but config.xml needs to persist changes after reboot.

The Avaya documentation doesn’t help me much, we don’t have support with Avaya direct and our Avaya partner see this is out of scope.

No, not by myself tbh. Will see if someone of my team mates had but if the config file is deployed to the Custom Partition /custom it should stay there, even after reboot.

If it’s somewhere else I would rather pack it into the CP tar.bz2 and link it into filesystem through the init script.


We have requirement to deploy Ayava Agent and Avaya Workplace VDI to IGEL OS. These apps are then going to be used to allow audio Optimisation with the same apps being used within a Citrix VDI session.

Summary of steps taken so far:

• Downloaded the Avaya supplied custom partitions and UMS profiles for the 2 Avaya Apps

• Gordon @ IGEL assisted me in merging these together into a single custom partition

• Deployed the custom partition that contained both Avaya apps

• Given a number of files (config/Certs) by Telephony Administrator

• Uploaded these files to UMS

• Created a separate Avaya Config policy and associated the uploaded files to the Avaya Config UMS policy

• The UMS Config Policy pushes these files down after every reboot to /custom/Avaya-agent/userhome/.Avaya-agent/

which we think is okay for all of the files with the exception of Config.xml

• Removed config.xml from the UMS policy and re-added but with new target of /wfs/Avaya-agent/initialconfig/config.xml

• Added an if statement to the custom command section of the Avaya Config UMS policy that checks for the presence of config.xml in the /custom…Avaya-agent location:

• if file exists, do nothing

• if file doesn’t exist copy file from the /wfs-Avaya Agent area to the custom Avaya agent area

What I’m finding is that if I run the script with the if file exists check manually within session, it works as expected, but as soon as I add the code to the UMS Avaya Config policy, the config.xml file is replaced every reboot.

Can add in the custom partition and Avaya UMS config policy custom commands in the morning.

On a connected point, what is the difference of the 4 areas within custom command sections (before session initialisation, final initialisation etc)?

Just to be clear:



/custom are both persistent; why not copying it directly to that /custom path?

The different sections are described here. Hope that helps:


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