AVD and UDP shortpath

Hi all, we’re testing UDP shortpath. I’m following this guide to verify that the AVD client is connecting over UDP.

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RDP-Shortpath greatly enhances user experience in Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) using IGEL OS

However, I am not seeing “in the log file we see that we Connect to host”. Is there another way to determine that the client is connecting over UDP? Here’s a snippet of the log output. TIA

/home/builder/rdcore-workshop/source/stack/libtermsrv/udptransport/TsUdpTransport.cpp(387): InitializeInstance()

/home/builder/rdcore-workshop/source/stack/libtermsrv/udptransport/TsUdpTransport.cpp(503): Connect()

/home/builder/rdcore-workshop/source/stack/libtermsrv/udptransport/TsUdpTransport.cpp(515): Connect()

/home/builder/rdcore-workshop/source/stack/libtermsrv/udptransport/TsUdpTransport.cpp(555): Connect()

/home/builder/rdcore-workshop/source/stack/libtermsrv/udptransport/TsUdpTransport.cpp(665): Connect()

/home/builder/rdcore-workshop/source/stack/libtermsrv/udptransport/RawUdpRdpTransportFilter.cpp(475): SendInitialPacket()

/home/builder/rdcore-workshop/source/stack/libtermsrv/udptransport/RawUdpRdpTransportFilter.cpp(236): OnDataReceived()

/home/builder/rdcore-workshop/source/stack/libtermsrv/udptransport/RawUdpRdpTransportFilter.cpp(519): OnSynAckReceived()

/home/builder/rdcore-workshop/source/stack/libtermsrv/udptransport/RawUdpRdpTransportFilter.cpp(543): OnSynAckReceived()

/home/builder/rdcore-workshop/source/stack/libtermsrv/udptransport/RawUdpRdpTransportFilter.cpp(578): OnSynAckReceived()

/home/builder/rdcore-workshop/source/stack/libtermsrv/udptransport/TsUdpTransport.cpp(679): UdpTransportOnOpened()

/home/builder/rdcore-workshop/source/stack/libtermsrv/udptransport/TsUdpTransport.cpp(786): SendData()766504] <

You should see in the logs that it’s making a connection to the avd host ip on port 3390. It’s quite early when you connect to the session.

Thanks @member. I’ll try it again.

@member this is where the logs seem to start. Does that indicate it’s not using UDP?

If you grep 3390?

[13:26:40.333705] <140683969017600> {46c77a61-85b6-48ce-9eef-7e0639720000} RDP_WAN(INFO): UdpTrans::Connect – host:

Looks good. What does rdanalyzer say in session? (It’s a free tool)

says UDP (RDP-Shortpath). Thanks for the help!

@member Thank you for this tip! I did not know about rdanalyzer

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