Back by popular demand the IGEL Community HCL!

Back by popular demand (yes nobody can keep us down) the Community HCL! 🙂

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Please – feel free to submit the devices you are using. let’s show the world the IGEL Community is best! 🙂

Cool — Glad we were able to fire it back up. I just added the Logitech C930e webcam. Works great on my new UD3 with local version of Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

If everyone can just take a minute or two to add what they have that would really help! 🙂

Nice to see the form still works 😅

How can i add a device and how do i have to test?

Succefully tested an HP 470 G7 with 11.04.100

Testing — Key items include (Networking (wired / wireless), Laptop (track pad, camera) — VDI sessions (Citrix, Microsoft WVD, VMware, AWS, Frame, Thinlinc, etc.).

Go here and select submit devices —

@member please use this form THANK YOU!

I’ve been testing with a Samsung Chromebook 4…no dice so far. The hardware should work fine its just getting past how locked down they are. Can’t find a way to do it that isn’t risking bricking the kids school device lol

Need to get to developer mode … something like this…

yeah indeed

have done that…but the process has been enough for me to say this isn’t a great device for using in a prod environment with users

also…you get the scary “dev mode” or “unprotected OS” prompt. I’ve found ways it looks like you can get around this with custom firmware but again…not a path that seems likely for a prod environment

scary for end users that is

Yep… For these reasons, Chromebooks should not be proposed for IGEL production use. UNLESS the BIOS can be updated / replaced.

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