Benefit to running IGEL UMS on AWS or Azure?

Hi Guys,

I have my ICG in AWS currently but I was wondering if there is any benefit to running UMS in AWS as well or Azure. Not sure if there are any inherent integrations in either platform w/ regards to UMS (or ICG) or if it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

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Hi Stuart, we are working hand in hand with both vendors in order to get our systems even more better integrated but from MHO, there is no real gain at the moment to install UMS in a cloud (not speaking about security, and all other {dis-}advantages of this solutions, just from Igel POV)

cool thx!

Stuart we are moving our ICG to AWS. We are going to create 3 ICG servers and load balance them to handle our external IGEL endpoint needs. I was wondering if you had any advice or information you could provide which would assist us in this move? Also are there any issue with moving our UMS to AWS? I know you said there are no gain (but that was in 2019) are there any issues moving UMS to AWS and /or benefits? Thanks for your time.

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