Best option for updating the firmware on the IGEL OS at home

I have another question that. When I deploy an IGEL to a user at home and the iGEL connects to ICG. what is the best option for updating the firmware on the IGEL? Should it go back to our UMS server or is there an IGEL server that I can point the iGEL?

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You need to setup somewhere to serve the firmware from (SFTP, s3 bucket, etc).

external reachable http(s), ftp, sftp, webdav (f.i. owncloud) server will do.

some examples here:

We are currently using one of the free S3 buckets. It takes our external IGEL devices about 3-4 minutes to download and install firmware updates vs about 15 minutes from our UMS server

Thank you Barry, Falk, and David for your quick answers.

Happy to help!

My pleasure

we’re all in this together

SFTP is probably easiest to implement if you’re a Microsoft shop with no AWS presence. Server 2016, IIS, and some PS cmdlets and you’re off and running.

You mean FTPS, SFTP is via SSH server, which is easy to set up as well .

Yep, I definitely meant FTPS. That’s like USB drives, 9 times out of 10 you try and plug it in the wrong way.

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