Best practice for office based workloads and running the media apps locally on IGEL OS?


We currently use RDSH 2012R2 using IGEL UD2 devices. We are due a refresh and one main requirement is better media (YouTube viewing, online streaming)

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At the moment the IGEL has one link on its desktop to the RDSH server.

I’m thinking about going full IGEL OS for the users and having remote app, chrome applications, other custom partitions. also upgrading the hardware.

Is this the best practice for office based workloads and running the media apps locally?

What about WVD? How does that handle things like YouTube?

Is Browser content redirection a proprietary Citrix feature or are there alternatives?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Paul, it‘s a complex topic IMHO, so I will try to answer it as best as I can. RDS isn‘t the best standalone protocol when it comes to Movie or Multimedia performance: it performs good, but not perfectly, especially on Youtube performance. There BCR is at the moment a purely Citrix related feature, and not planned from what I recall on MS Terminalservers, WVD might bring something like this in a midterm future but at the moment we are relying on the standard protocol and that performs pretty well atm.

Putting local Apps on Igel OS (like a CP for Chrome) is one way, but since we integrated Chromium and Firefox into our OS I would rather use this route because there is no need to download a CP.

In addition, this article covers a lot of performance tweaks that brought most of my customers to find it at least acceptable:

I agree with @member…this is a complex issue. Citrix is pretty much the Gold Standard when it comes to protocol and multimedia. Horizon is a decent option and Frame and WVD are very promising. The problem from our perspective is that there are a lot of other considerations when choosing a platform and not the least is cost.

Feel free to DM me if you want to talk in more detail.

Thanks guys.

Just researching at the moment.

Going to trial a few different options and see how it goes

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