Best practice guidelines to get VDI@XenDesktop working with Zoom and IGEL OS

Hello! I apologize if this has been asked already. I was wondering if there is any guide or best practice guidelines to get VDI@XenDesktop working with Zoom and iGEL? Any suggestions on how to get this accomplished? Hopefully has implemented this and can share some guidance. Thank you!

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Not sure if on the same configuration, but I think @member is using that combo


I’m using this as a local CP

ON the igel os

With split tunneling from the Cisco mx65 meraki device to force the internet traffic out of the site Internet realizing stress on citrix

Thanks! So by looking at the support KB looks like.. requires two installation steps:

• The software must be installed within the Virtual Desktop, typically within the image on the VDI server. — Is that what they call ” Is that the ZOOM windows client?

• The Zoom Media Plugin is installed on each of the thin clients accessing the VDI. — Is that the “Host Installer”?

Hello Alexandra, Zoom provides an VDI agent and Custom Partition

Hi David – So you are using the the Zoom client directly on the iGEL TC, correct? Unfortunately we still need to use it from within the VDI because of a dependency with an application that’s dependent on the Zoom client. My understanding from the Zoom web site is that both windows zoom client and the zoom igel client will communicate with Zoom cloud and between each other via ICA. Does that make sense? Did you have to do anything additional with policies or any other pitfalls? Thank you so much!

@member – here’s a good (and recent) blog post if you’re wanting to deliver Zoom via Citrix:

As you can see, Zoom does indeed have a Citrix plug-in that they built for IGEL OS on the client side. I assume it’s a custom partition:

Yes, the IGEL component is a Custom Partition provided and supported by Zoom. They also have an extension that goes onto the Citrix / Horizon desktop if I remember correctly

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