Best practice how to connect an IGEL OS with a published Desktop in an Citrix Desktop 7.15?

Is there a profile for download available that is the best practice how to connect an Igel OS with a published Desktop in an Citrix Desktop 7.15?

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The case is that many users are sharing an Igel to connect to their published Desktop with different usernames. The problem is that using the Workspace app to connect, users can use hotkeys to start another session as the person that is already working in another session with the used credentials.

With a Firefox configuration there will be a session timeout after 3 minutes that doesn’t let you start another session. But I can download the ica-File and I have to open the file after downloading.

I am using Firmware 11.04.200.

Hi Roman, the best secured way would be to let the user log in on AD, then passthrough that infos to the CWA, then you would be able to even sync the screensaver Password with the Users AD PW.

Anything else would: as soon as screensaver starts, logoff the user by using a conditional command: logoff


using a postsession command that would logoff the device as soon as the last Session was closed:

The problem is that the user has not closed his session. He has locked the Windows Session with STRG-ALT-DEL.

Another person is now able to use STRG-ESC to get to the Igel Desktop. There the user is still logged in at the Citrix Storefront and the other person can start a new session with the logged in user.

I created a profile that is disabling the hotkeys. Now STRG-ESC is not possible anymore.

Before with native Citrix Session users were able to use parallel sessions and locking the sessions with STRG-Alt-DEL. They also could switch between the sessions by using STRG-TAB.

Now security issues are making me a lot of problems.

I think AD login and disabling Hotkeys are the best solution. But than I have the problem that only the user that has locked the Igel with WINDOWS+L is able to unlock the Igel. No more parallel working in many sessions ist possible

Right, so I would go the Route of AD Login or, creating hotkeys on Igel OS with WIN L and CTRL ALT DEL and remap them to Logoff the local Igel Session. That would work too!

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