Best practice to watching YouTube videos in Citrix sessions on IGEL OS?

Hi, we have a lot of UD2 (even some new UD2) in a Citrix Environment. More and more people want to watch youtube and other video content on their published server desktop. Is there a best practise to solve this problem? Browser Content Redirection is very slow on the UD2s, open the Youtube Stream in the citrix session puts a lot of cpu and network usage on the terminal server (no gpu acceleration).

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BCR is probably the best approach, else consider GPU accelerated backends. Also additional vCPU anf memory ressources on the virtual servers might help. On the network side switch to EDT (HDX over UDP).

Hi Michael! On which firmware are you testing the BCR stuff?

@member UD2-LX 40 with

@member UD2-LX 50 with

Then you should be good. Just as a helping hand, I’m following this guide when troubleshooting:

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