Best Practices for deploying the IGEL IOS to computers we want to re-purpose as thin clients?

We Just finished our POC with IGEL and looks like we are going to move forward with IGEL. Does anyone have any suggestions for deploying the IGEL IOS to computers we want to re-purpose as thin clients? I have the installer on a USB drive and have loaded it that way. Was looking at a way to deploy from the network. Any suggestions?

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I’m curious to hear any suggestions to this, as well. I know that IGEL in the past has mentioned using SCCM to deploy it, but I don’t recall seeing specifics.

Hi Ross – Great to hear the PoC went fine! For the bulk conversion we offer the Deployment Appliance. Have a look here and come back if you have further questions:

Regarding SCCM perhaps @member might answer: 30 minute video walking through sccm igel deployment

@member if you are deploying to the network, UDC Deployment Appliance is WAY WAY easier than SCCM… just saying 😉

I have been using SCCM to deploy. Once you get it all setup it’s not too difficult. The most challenging part was encryption. A lot easier if you use bitlocker because you can just suspend it. The video linked above is a good start.

I basically build a VM with 4GB HDD and without a network adapter, install igel OS, shut it down. I then add the network adapter and boot it to a task sequence that uses the dd for dos, like that video has, to clone the image. This is how i capture the image for IGEL.

I then create an SCCM package of the captured image and the dd for dos utility. The final step of my deploy task sequence is applying the image using the package and the dd for dos commands found in the video. Because i use an sccm task sequence, I can also take advantage of setting BIOS for Dell/HP/Lenovo that i am installing the igel OS on, so that i have a set standard for all of them. I can also update BIOS if needed.

And as i said before, the biggest issue is encryption if you are reimaging a device from Window to IGEL OS. If you use non-bitlocker encryption, you may need to wipe out the filter drivers first using the devcon utility. Mike Terrill has a fantastic article that helped me out:

Unloading a Disk Filter Driver in WinPE

If needed, i can share some specifics. Now that everything is setup I can update the igel OS image in 30 minutes and have it ready to deploy out using sccm pxe or software center.

@member thanks for the info!

And if needed you can setup a zero touch deployment for it. Just throw a bunch of computers into a required collection and IGEL OS within minutes 🙂

Not bad. I do like the simplicity of the Deployment Appliance though 😄 easy to set up

I think we weren’t able to change the pxe pointers (if im saying this right) away from sccm. So we weren’t able to use the appliance

Ah I see

Depl. Appliance basically lets you set up IP ranges to distribute IGEL OS, and any PCs that PXE boot which are in the range will get the firmware

pxe pointers

↑ was this on the endpoints or on the network?

Yeah that would cause issues for us since all ranges need to be able to image from SCCM for Windows

Ah riiiight

I get why SCCM would be preferable for you then 😄 and I’m glad that we have this option for IGEL OS

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