Best practices for managing time zones / settings of IGEL OS devices in a global environment?

Hi everyone, We are building out our UMS Settings and have a question about Timezones. We will have devices all over the place and really trying to avoid lots of device groups and time settings profiles. Any suggestions here how everyone is managing Time settings ?

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Hi Jack! This thread is covering quite good hopefully:

Thanks – from this thread though it does seem like you need to have Multiple Timezone Profiles ? No type of setting that will pick up Time from wherever the device happens to be ?

> from wherever the device happens to be

what does that mean in your case? are those homeoffice devices, devices in remote offices?

Both – could be a central office building or shipped to a home office user. Which is why I’m asking how everyone manages it when devices are all over the place. Is it better to just give the user access to time settings ?

and i guess your are not organizing your device in a location-based structure? so its more a challenge to apply profiles , rather then creating them?

We are just building the structure out now – Just seems messy to start making sure devices get dropped in location device groups just for Timezone settings

Atm. timezone configuration from the endpoint is a bit conplicated, yes and would need a manual assignment of profiles or, like Falk suggested „automated“ profile assignment via Default Directory rules.

Last method is the most used one.

We are working on a more user friendly local configuration tool, but it isn‘t ready yet.

it would be the easiest for timezone related setting 🙂 other than that you could use a dhcp option for the timezone (at least there is one) – but then you would maybe have to create those, which is at least the same effort – and this option ist not useful in homeoffices i guess.

One other direction could be the possibility to assign profiles to views. if you can categorize your devices by an attribute which is used in views, you could assign timezone profiles that way.

@member you mentioned a way in a zoom meeting to have user use a “pull down menu” kind of thing – this way it could be possible to set a structure tag for further use.

Absolutely but there, giving the user access to the setting inside of a quick setting might be even more effective, I guess?

To add, I think the easiest way is leveraging Default Directory Rules in combination with per time zone directories. We have people working from home throughout the US, consisting of 4 time zones. I created a custom device value called “Timezone” (creative, I know), which we populate manually (it is what it is). Each timezone has an associated directory with a timezone profile assigned. So when the thin client checks in with UMS, it gets sent to a directory that matches the thin clients timezone attribute. Our help desk has rights to modify the attribute per thin client, so if we don’t add the attribute before it gets to the user, then the help desk can take of it.

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