Best way to update 1000+ IGEL OS end-points

I have read a lot of older posts on this subject, but nothing new. I need to update 1000+ end points with many at low bandwidth sites. I see the ‘buddy system’ is one option. Do I have other options to do this? In my test rollout at one of our clinics, 92 devices, it took all the bandwidth and around 5hrs to update 60% of the end points. It failed to download the firmware to the other 40% of devices with a ‘Unexpected end of file’, which was due to bandwidth. I have seen mention of on site ftp servers to pull the firmware. I do not have this option unfortunately. Guidance appreciated!

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I think buddy option is your best bet here. Download a single copy of the firmware to one of the remote sites, and then the firmware is then deployed for that site from that buddy server.

I would agree – buddy update, combined with good ol sneakernet for your most remote/problematic endpoints:

or maybe let the client initiate the update, for example by updating on boot or shutdown if this spreads the load over the day

thanks for confirming all! Regarding Update on boot, does this download the firmware at boot or prior to boot?

it’s downloaded on boot/shutdown, no caching beforehand

Like others said, buddy server that is. You can setup just one per site and a Profile to assign Update On Boot/Shutdown and the rest will follow. In my experience, a buddy server (w/1Gbps) can reliably serves about 10-11 connections at a time, so schedule your TCs reboot/shutdown accordingly.

The buddy update should work for the most part. But if this is going to be something you will need to come back to for all your updating, it may be worth investing in a little bit more server infrastructure to make this easier on yourself. You can host an ftp server on even a workstation sitting in a closet. Http servers work just as well, like if you have an sccm distribution point or something.

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