Better way to move objects than drag and drop in IGEL UMS?

Hello – Has anyone come across moving ThinClient/Computer objects where you have to drag and drop the object? We’ve been unable to locate a move option. We are aware of the many different ways to setup auto discovery and specific rules to look for tags. However, I’m simply trying to figure out if there’s something better than dragging and dropping the computer objects.

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Use cut/paste to move devices without drag and drop.


Had a look at “Views”, it’s a good way of automating the deployment of profiles based on certain criteria.

Does cutting and pasting keep the item in the same place – Rather, keep a copy of it in its original location ?

Drag and drop equals cut and paste, so it is the same function.

I get that @member – But I’m able to drag and drop a computer object from one container to another without it existing in both places.

You’re saying this is just a Cut and Paste function ?

@member thank you for the article. I’m looking it at now

@member yes, if you right click a object (or multiple objects) right click and select cut) the right click the location where you want those objects to reside and hit paste, that’s the same thing as drag and drop

When looking at device objects

@member Thank you – I’ll try it out with some objects.

I appreciate both of your help.

(Or use ctrl+x and ctrl+v or other shortcuts 😁)

But, ctrl+c on a directory device structure, will copy all directories and assigned objects (like profiles and files) but won’t copy the device objects.

Can be good to know when rebuilding/ messing around 😬

Yeah, I’ve read about the Copy feature and used it this morning

But I was unsure of the capabilities with the computer objects.

Yepp, should be on its way to get clearer now 😁

@member, drag a profile to a thin client directory, will assign the profile to the targeted directory.

And all containing sub directories and devices

I have another question actually.

I have a container and a sub container

I want the sub container not to inherit the policies from the top container it’s under

Is there a way to do that ?

@member nope, you can’t stop inheritance. But though, read on about inheritance, priority, master profiles and template profiles.

I did some testing, I created a master profile for the policy I wanted and applied it to the sub container, it did not seem to work however.

I applied it only to the sub container and let the rest of the policies inherit from the top container.

Honestly, I rarely see customers working with Master profiles. Thats doesn’t say that it’s a bad invention or that it’s faulty. Generally you put corporate wide profiles on top level and granular adjust your devices with the hierarchy based on country->city->department (for instance)

I have it setup where I have an office location – and under that office location I have a testing container. Each office has it’s own requirements and quirks that requires slightly customized policies from the other office locations. I want the testing container under the office location container to point to a test pool instead of the production pool.

Top level = trusted certificates and baseline profiles, time sync settings and so on.

Country: timezone, keyboard, language settings etc

Department: whatever sessions (if not inherited from higher level)

I tried to augment inheritance and make this happen by applying a master profile that I thought would take precedence over the policies inherited.

Session policies can coexist, meaning that put multiple sessions to one device, without overwriting out of inheritance

(That messes it all up, right 😂)

Yes 😛

So, you need a test directory on your same level as the production, or a different hierarchy..

I wonder if there’s possibility for a feature request where we can choose to allow/deny inheritance from the top level.

The breakdown is basic, but frustrating.

We have multiple office locations with their own containers, and policies we applied. Some are the same across all, some are different.

I need to have testing containers under each office location container

And I need a single policy to not be inherited, the rest of them are fine.

There seems to be a lot of testing going on! 😂

Talk to your favorite sales/Pre-sales guy/girl, and they will help you weight and possibly raise a feature request

We’ve sent an email to our pre-sales guy earlier today. But he hasn’t replied back yet. So I checked out the website.


Thanks again

Just in addition to @member helping hand: @member created an awesome step by step guide for our UMS and Igel OS:

A lot of daily business questions are answered there too

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