Bluetooth works fine in IGEL OS but not with Citrix Workspace App v20 on IGEL OS 11.05?

Anyone have problems with 11.05 and the bluetooth passthrough to citrix? BT works fine in IGEL but not available in Citrix. Worked in 11.04.240

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What do you mean exactly by Bluetooth passthrough? Redirecting a Bluetooth dongle into Citrix isn‘t supported:

The following types of USB device are not supported by default for use in a XenApp session:

Bluetooth dongles

The bluetooth pairing is better to be used locally. Which kind of usecase are you looking at?

Just an airpod connected through a USB BT adapter. Citrix can not see it, but in Windows it does.

Does it show up locally in IGEL OS? If yes, you could use this key:

Added: Multiple audio devices can be mapped

inside the sessions. This will display audio devices with their device name

and not only HDX audio anymore


|Parameter |`Multiple Audio Device support` |


|Registry |`ica.module.vdcamversion4support` |


|Value |False* (default)/True |


Note: Bluetooth devices are currently not supported for Device Redirection.

Now it only plays sound through the laptop speaker, you don’t see the other device as a choice.

Can you send a description about your BT Dongle?

Is Bluetooth enabled on IGEL OS?

Yep, I can go to YT, and play a video through it.

I don‘t follow you… I meant Bluetooth on the local IGEL OS😄

Works fine on the IGEL, can go to you tube, and hear the music. In citrix you hear nothing.

Is Citrix HDX Audio enabled on TS side? I mean: if you open the Soundmixer, which Audio device is shown?

It shows the BT oontz speaker on the IGEL

Also citrix HDX is enabled

Can you provide a few Screenshots?

We found out that with 11.05 and the v20 of Citrix client the HDX is not enabled for the BT device. going back to Citrix client v19 fixes the problem. Alona spent a couple hours trying to figure it out.


All set, found a setting to change.

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