Can a UD Pocket be used on several devices?

Quick, easy series of questions: Can we USB-boot different physical Devices from the same USB stick, as long as we delete the Device from UMS before moving on to the next physical Device? Or is it always a “1-USB-to-1-Physical-Device-period-no-exceptions” scenario? If so, what is it about the Physical device that gets “recorded” in either UMS or its DB that ties it to a particular USB stick?

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IGEL OS ties the macaddress in.

That is why we have the UD Pocket.

To move a non-UD Pocket, you have to reset it.

Gotcha. Thanks Ron!

So just Deleting the (IGEL) Device from UMS (which of course removes the MAC Address of the physical Machine) doesn’t separate it from the USB stick? Can we issue a Custom Command to remove the TCKEY file (on the end-point Machine) and then Delete the device from UMS?

Details are here…

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