Can I batch convert IGEL OS 11 to Windows 10 IOT via the UMS Console?

Can I batch convert IGEL OS 11 to Windows 10 IOT via the UMS Console ? I can’t seem to find a procedure for that.

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No, unfortunately not. For a Windows 10 IoT Installation the devices need to be reflashed AND would need more RAM/SSD. Please contact your local Igel Sales Rep.

Just to be sure you want to move away from Igel OS11 to W10 IoT? May I ask why if yes? :hugging_face:

I need to use Windows 10 to access Azure WVD while we wait for support to be released (summer 2020 from what we’ve heard)

Is it such important that you might have to pay for Windows 10 IoT Licenses, new Flash and Ram?

I would highly suggest to involve a Igel Sales Rep. and Presales to give you a guidance.

Probably not, we’ll find old PCs to use until that comes out. It is necessary since that’s what went into production, which then necessitated adding legacy RDP to the WVD pool and that’s creating issues with profiles and disconnection.

About how many clients are we talking about?

Just FYI, late January 2020 IGEL released a firmware with WVD support on IGEL OS 11, and 11.03.500 that is the current IGEL OS 11 public firmware has native WVD support. If it is not too late, you now have WVD access possibilities with IGEL, and only IGEL when it comes to Linux. Hope this helps.

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