Can I check if a hardware certificate exists on IGEL OS client before connection to a Citrix farm?

Hello, is it possible to check if a hardware certificate exists on igel client before connection to a citrix farm? I found the EPA plugin but I cannot get it to work on Igel OS 11

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Hello Daniel, the Citrix EPA is one way, the other would be to use a SCEP Server or maybe having a script that checks if:

1) a cert is there

2) it is valid

3) there is a new one

Did you followed that guide on CP Creation?

I already configured SCEP to install certs on all clients, but how can I activate a check which makes sure that only clients with valid certs can start citrix sessions?

There, you EPA / Script or the use of the Third Party Tool called Devicetrust. Right @member?

till now I use epa for windows clients which connect to the citrix farm. Now we evaluate Igel thin clients for home users and one of the security requirenments is a device certificate check which make sure that only valid clients connect to our citrix farm. If EPA on Igel os 11 is possible, then I would prefer this option.

The Igel clients will be used in home offices, the question is how I can check wheather the certificate is active or has been revoked

Do you have a Igel Sales rep. contact? If yes, I would ask her / him to create a Custom Partition or let him check if a Private build is in preparation! If that doesn‘t fit, we could check together if we could create a CP together!

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