Can I configure the IGEL UMS if I don’t have any IGEL OS devices registerd?

Hello everyone! My Problem with my UMS is: “It is not possible to create a thin client as long as the database does not contain firmware.” Can anyone help?

Hello! That‘s right, you need at least one Endpoint with the firmware base OS (Linux or Windows) registered in UMS. It‘s mandatory to have a Firmware registered first, then every feature is available.

And how do i get it there?

Bring one device (UD3, UD Pocket, UDC, …) to be powered up, connect it to network, go to UMS=>Scan for thin clients=>Select a IP Range and select register

I would assume that the ports we need for registration process aren’t opened:

it may have to do with your Firewall and or Windows Firewall

Did you already had a look at the IGEL step by step guide?

it‘s exactly covering this topic but a lot more also!

We have opened the ports in the Screenshot. But the Same Problem…

It‘s to 99% still a port issue…

You may check the ports by using telnet on your UMS Server or probeport IPOFYOURUMS 30001 a.e. from your endpoint (Accessories=>Terminal=>Blue star)

OK…i will try and answer later … thank you!

Best way to prove it is disable the Windows firewall and try again, as mentioned that’s a port issue.

I think it is the Firewall of our IT-Partner. They will look at it…

There are remnants from an old installation on one or two servers. These I think all of them need to be removed first because the ThinClients are pulling the data from there. They are connecting to the old DNS of the Servers! I cant Change that…

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