Can I configure the IGEL UMS if I don’t have any IGEL OS devices registerd?

Hello everyone! My Problem with my UMS is: “It is not possible to create a thin client as long as the database does not contain firmware.” Can anyone help?

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Hello! That‘s right, you need at least one Endpoint with the firmware base OS (Linux or Windows) registered in UMS. It‘s mandatory to have a Firmware registered first, then every feature is available.

And how do i get it there?

Bring one device (UD3, UD Pocket, UDC, …) to be powered up, connect it to network, go to UMS=>Scan for thin clients=>Select a IP Range and select register

I would assume that the ports we need for registration process aren’t opened:

it may have to do with your Firewall and or Windows Firewall

Did you already had a look at the IGEL step by step guide?

it‘s exactly covering this topic but a lot more also!

We have opened the ports in the Screenshot. But the Same Problem…

It‘s to 99% still a port issue…

You may check the ports by using telnet on your UMS Server or probeport IPOFYOURUMS 30001 a.e. from your endpoint (Accessories=>Terminal=>Blue star)

OK…i will try and answer later … thank you!

Best way to prove it is disable the Windows firewall and try again, as mentioned that’s a port issue.

I think it is the Firewall of our IT-Partner. They will look at it…

There are remnants from an old installation on one or two servers. These I think all of them need to be removed first because the ThinClients are pulling the data from there. They are connecting to the old DNS of the Servers! I cant Change that…

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