Can I configure Tomkat to send files to my IGEL OS devices?

Good day!

Help please, I set up cloud geteway in DMZ. I need to assign a profile to a device to install (for example) the zoom plugin. I have a question, will Tomkat send files? Or is everything easier to set up?

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Good afternoon, small files like a certificate will go through ICG, anything else: Firmware updates, CPs (like zoom full client) needs to get uploaded to a separate S(FTP)S or HTTP(S) Server.

A Profile for enabling the Zoom VDI Plugin goes through ICG without any issues.

to mount the plug on the device, I need to place the profile in /opt/IGEL/usg/Upload?

No, not at all. Open your UMS Console and assign it like on a device in your network.

Is the device you are looking at in UMS Console and shows a Cloud symbol?

just a resource from *:8443/usg/endpoint from tomkat is available, I thought to set up sending files through it

here we speak about a CP, so it must het moved to an external Webshare, not in the ICG itself.

Please use an external Webserver.

Beside that fact, if we only speak about the Zoom Plugin we could go the route to use it natively without CP:

Thank you so much!

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