Can I delegate my Customer portal to a Reseller?


i have a question about the IGEL Customer Portal.

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My company email is used for the account of my company.

Now a customer has invited me for his portal with the same email acount

i used in my company.

In the IGEL Customer Portal i can only see my “home” portal but not the

portal of my customer. Is there a posibility to switch the customers

like in or need i different Email Adresses for different customers?

Thank you

grettings Mirco

Hello Mirco,

would that work?

Hi Sebastien, I know this switch. My Question is about . Here i miss this switch to change the customer. My Email is registert for 2 Customer, but i can only see one. So it is not possible to register a UMS for customer 2, becaus i can only see customer 1.

The other way around, ok, sorry. Would you mind opening a ticket here? I‘m not sure if this works …

Hi Sebastien, ok i will open a tickte, thank you

Please let us know how it ended, I will ask internally too!

I got this response back asking the same question back in June 😞:

“At the moment the functionality of having 1 user access multiple accounts is not developed for COSMOS.”

Hi Dan, thank you for the information

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