Can I establish Openvpn-connection based on the local IP with IGEL OS?

we have devices connecting to our network via vpn or directly, depending on where they are used.

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is it possible to establish openvpn-connection based on the local ip (only if it is in a local subnet, let’s say it should connect directly, otherwise use openvpn)?

You could always right a bash script for it, but there isn’t anything built into the OS to do that.

You could also put a custom app on the desktop for the user, and if they need to launch the VPN they can simply double-click an icon.

Is the VPN used for connecting to local resources?

yes. we connect locally to our citrix environment, so openvpn is needed when not connected to an internal network.

the icon is already placed on the desktop, but UMS doesn’t update the correct ip in ums (or it might take hours), which is hard for support reasons.

If you are trying to manage devices remotely, the only supported method is using an IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)

we initially manage them locally, but afterwards the devices might move to user’s homes. that works fine with an automatic vpn-setup. but the deployment of those devices is bound to further installation step (you have to use a profile with manual vpn connection, afterwards you can move them to automatic connection).

That is what the ICG solves. The ICG gives those devices a direct link back to UMS whether they are internal or at a users home

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