Can I export the Profiles I have on the old UMS and import them into the new UMS?

We are in the process of moving into a new building with a brand new infrastructure. We are having to upgrade our iGels to OS 11 and installing a new UMS(6). Our old environment is using UMS5 and most of our present devices are end of life (so have had to purchase new ones). The question I have is am I able to export the Profiles I have on the old UMS (the main one which is based on IGEL Universal Desktop LX and import them into the new UMS? Thanks

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Basically yes, you can export every kind of Profile and import them in a new UMS:


Create Archive+include affected firmwares

2) New UMS: System=>Import=>Import Profiles

and then Update the profiles to a newer version like 10.05.800

3) Right click on Profile folder=>Update Firmwareversion

But keep in mind, that it might be a better practice to import them as a reminder but recreate them with a new firmware.

@member So 10.05.800 will be the starting point to upgrade to OS11? Is possibly to jump straight to OS11 from 10.04.100 via USB update?

@member : yes, you need to start with this version. Well, yes, but here we are speaking about a „re-imaging“ of the device and not properly speaking upgrade. You could use the OS Creator (which is used for converting endpoints to Igel OS), and reflash the device.

On upgrade: you need the transition firmware 10.05.800

So it would be a 2 Step process on the partner side. 10.05.800 USB upgrade then OS11 upgrade. @member

10.05.800 and OS11 updates (Firmware Updates) can be provided as usual (S)FTP(S)/HTTP(S)/File(also USB, yes), but yes it needs two steps.

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