Can I install drivers on IGEL UD3s?

Hi guys,

I have a customer that is using iLoq, which is some type of locksystem with keys and so on. For iLoq you need a programming software so you can programme these keys for use. The programming software is an application that is working if you have the right drivers installed (so it is working on a PC with the drivers installed). Now we would like to try this if it is working on IGEL. They have IGEL UD3 clients. So my question is how can i try this out? I would need the drivers installed on the IGEL. Is this possible or what can we do, if anything to try this out?

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Hi @member First of all, are we speaking about Linux or Windows Igel UD3?

Hi, it is Linux IGEL UD3.

That makes a huge difference… Well, yes, you probably would be able to do it on Linux, if your Software vendor is providing a Linux compatible Programming tool.

I hope they do as they have the drivers for Linux. I will try to make a custom partion then and see if it works.

As an alternative: if you are using Citrix, Horizon, RDS you may also try the USB Redirection of the device itself to the virtual Desktop…

@member as they don’t have the drivers installed in the Citrix environment I don’t think the USB redirection will be enough?

Right, if there is a specific driver for windows it should at least be installed on Server side.

Even if I try to do a custom partition? Or can I somehow get the drivers to work properly if I add them in the CP?

No, in that case, the CP is only meant for a local using. So, integrating drivers in our OS will primally (in your case) brings the function only on the local level.

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