Can I install IGEL OS in a virtual environment for testing?

I have seen a few IGEL tutorial videos that look like the IGEL OS has been virtualized for testing, is this available to use as a resource?

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I use the OS Creator to install IGEL OS on a VMWare Workstation VM. With the right MAC-Address set you can use the NFR licenses (WE and EMP) to use all features. Like this you have a virtual IGEL endpoint for testing, debugging and for documentations.


NFR Licenses: See Channel community-nfr


I’ve installed the Igel O.S. on VMware and KVM/Qemu virtual machines using the standard U.D.C. for testing, and it works, at least for my purposes.

Just yesterday I recorded a screen-session to introduce IGEL to our service desk team. And another to show how to set up and configure endpoints from scratch. Pretty neat to have it all on one screen (UMS Console, IGEL OS etc.) with virtualization. And I’m glad there is this thing called NFR license. It’s free and pretty much everything can be tested/documented before you have one single physical endpoint or bought one single license.

That’s right, making using documentation and training support is another good use case for a virtual thin client.

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