Can I install IGEL UMS Server on a Win 10 Pro x64 device?

Hi all! Does anybody know if it’s possible to install UMS Server on a Win 10 Pro x64 device?? According to the only supported environments are Windows Servers. Does anybody have any experience with this?

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It should work. Install it and you know for sure 😉

Yes, it works but not officially supported 😀

Hi guys thanks for the replies! This looks promising 🙂 It seems my co-worker already installed the UMS, but i run into many errors along the way 😮 that’s why i asked. I will have to check all his doings to figure out why this install fails. adding clients results in error can’t connect to remote manegement console, adding profiles results in error no firmware in the database, downloading firmware results in error no clients added. I fear he didn’t read any KB. Is it still necessary to install the libraries for 32bit support before installing the UMS, like advises?

Good point, since we moved to x64 UMS it shouldn‘t be necessary anymore. Did you had a look on our step by step guide also?

Thanks again Sebastien! Yes first thing i always do is grab one of those great guides. I’m walking through the steps now to see where my colleague went wrong. Looks like he forgot to add DNS entries, which is consistent with the error that clients are unable to find remote management console.

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