Can I install the VirtualBox Guest Additions in IGEL OS?

Currently trying to spin up a virtualbox instance of igel os, how do I install the Guest Additions? When I run the linux script it tells me `Kernel headers not found for target kernel 4.19.85` (The reason I am asking is because I can’t get my VirtualBox shared folder to show up in IGEL OS so I can’t install a license)

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I might be wrong, but from what I recall, the manual installation of Kernel Headers/VB extension isn‘t supported for the moment. Will check later on.

Hi @member not sure if this helps but I was able to take a UD Pocket and convert it to a vmdk and then I created a vbox VM with the vmdk ( using the following command )

does the UD pocket have linux headers included?

You cannot intsall the vbox additions. There is a set included in the OS, however they are fairly old. I know they were updated in 11.03.(something) I can’t remember if it was 100 or 500

Wasn’t the extension that were updated meant for running IGELOS inside a Virtualbox?

I think they updated the tools too. I used to have resize issues and it was fixed during one of the recent releases. I thought I saw a note about the change, but I would have to look. Way early here and still haven’t got through my first cup of ☕

I might have misunderstood you @member and Christopher could have the right answer. Are you wanting to run Igel OS inside a VM (Virtualbox) or are you wanting to run a VM (Virtualbox) ON Igel OS?

igel OS in Virtualbox

Then, I got you wrong. I mixed up with


So @member it does not have the “guest” additions for VirtualBox. I think there are ways around getting the license onto though? I was able to license it. Is that why you want to put in the guess additions?

well besides licensing I also want a better workbench for developing custom partitions

for the licensing I dumped the file onto a private gist and loaded it from there; can’t do the same for binary blobs as easily I would assume

Not sure if VMware Workstation would work in terms of loading their guest extensions into the IGEL OS. Perhaps would have same issues

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