Can I set an IGEL OS endpoint name prior to imaging a computer with IGEL OSC?

Is there a way to set an endpoint name prior to imaging a computer with Igel OSC? For example, prior to imaging the computer, you can input a structure tag into the settings. Is there also a setting where they can set the system’s name to “Laptop1” ?

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There is a way to set settings before conversion but the hostname would need a counter to avoid conflicts or a variable incl the mac address which isn‘t integrated atm. Is renaming the devices automatically in UMS an option?

I was hoping the technicans could do it while on site during conversions. They don’t have access to UMS so they would have to tell someone each time they converted a computer over what the IP address is and computer name, then someone would have to manually enter it.

How is your hostname looking ? I mean what is the standard you are using?

They are a couple of ideas, starting from DHCP based renaming, script that opens after the first bootup where the technician could enter a name, etc…

Is the MAC address known ahead of time? They could be pre-imported into the console and would rename themselves when they check in.

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