Can I to use Remote desktop and webcam support via a thin client with IGEL software?

hello, is there a possibility to use Remote desktop incl webcam support via a thin client with Igel software? if so how can i get this done?

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Assuming you are using OS11 (on OS10 you would need the MMCP License):

Well, on RDS, thereisn’t so much you can optimize but using RemoteFX:

Have an eye on USB Redirection and be sure, that Audio devices aren’t get redirected through USB Redirection, on Webcams: I would try to use first USB Redirection to see if the result variies.

For Video Playback:

Having the latest Firmware on Igel OS would help though.

Thanks. i will try this, i can see the Webcam in the normal window on the igel software but in remote desktop it wont work, USB space works but not the webcam

i use igel OS11

i have try the links you send me but my rdp sessie wont see my webcam, have you any advise?

If RemoteX doesn’t recognize the webcam but it works in the local Webcam Test tool, you could try USB redirection instead or:

Thanks it works just fine!

@member can i install teamviewer on Igel 11?

In general not a properly install but a Custom Partition would fit in your expectation. We have a prebuilt CP for Teamviewer, would be good to have you opening a ticket and asking for it together with your local Igel (Pre)Sales Rep.

@member is there a posibility for remote support in de software? i cant log into the public ip.

Do you have ICG in place by any chance? There, the Remote Secure Shadowing is included.

i dont know ICG, we use the shadow but this is only over lan not over public ip right?

No, ICG would connect outside devices (Teleworkers, Etc) with “public IPs” to your internal UMS. Two things to mention: 1) you need the Enterprise Management Pack (EMP) on that devices 2) it’s only meant for Igel related traffic, it doesn’t replace a VPN solution a.e.

oke so i need 1 licence for 1 company?

whats is the price of it?

No, the EMP is pro device that would get connected to ICG. The best way is to ask your local Reseller / Igel Sales Rel. for a quote.

we are the reseller, we just start with igel

Then, on prices, you should get in touch with your distributor or local Igel Sales rep. to get the pricelist. Since every country has partially specific market related prices, I wouldn‘t feel comfortable to throw out prices.

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