Can I update the IGEL RX420 device locally via USB Thumb drive or via http server?

hello everyone,

with a RX 420 iGEL device on 11.01.100, trying to update the device firmware. it appears UMS is not working. is there a way to update the device firmware locally, via USB thumb drive or a http file server?

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thanks all

Hello Jesse, from which Firmware are you coming from?

I think it should update automatically over the Internet on boot. There’s a built in update service, pulling new firmware over the Internet.

Exactly but unfortunately not on earlier RC Versions (which I hope, isn’t the case):-D

the device is a Ncomputing RX 420 on firmware 11.01.100

Then you are on the latest officially build, the new 111 version should arrive soon (hopefully this week).

when doing the firmware update via UMS, received the following error

which firmware version are you assigning?

i will get the end customer on the chat to answer those questions.

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