Can I use built in IGEL OS browser to recognise the Citrix Receiver?

Hi I am setting up our first profile for our Citrix Xendesktop enviroment and trying out the browser kiosk session. Whenever I login via this way it always puts the session to the HTML5 session instead of using the receiver. Is there anyway to get the built in browser to recognise the citrix receiver and use that instead?

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Tagging along, had the same issue;

So if you find a solution..

Unfortunately Citrix Appliance Mode is not currently supported on OS11. It’s possible to get it working the same way but you will have to change a setting in Storefront. Something like Use HTML5 if local receiver not available or Install locally. The second option might not be good for you if you have user connecting who are not on IGELs.

Okay might reconsider IGEL then as disabling the HTML5 isn’t an option for us for some users. No way of changing the in built browser either?

There is a Custom Partition available for Chrome, if that helps.

Also, I know that it may not be exactly what you are looking for but have you tried setting up a Citrix session using the Citrix Storefront option in IGEL Setup? This will work fine with Netscaler. The look and feel is slightly different but can be customized.

So will that work with Netscaler gateway for our remote sites?

Also the custom chrome partition how does that work?

For the Chrome CP please contact a member of our Presales department as they are able to help with this. For example @member 🙂

I am guessing there is an extra cost involved for chrome?

For Custom Partitions on OS11 you need to have an Enterprise Management Pack license, so if you don’t have this already then yes.

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