Can Ideactivate or delete some predefined attributes of the system information of IGEL OS when searching in the UMS?

Hello everyone,

My colleague and I now noticed when looking for a device using the device serial number.

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We can search for the serial number, i.e. the system information attribute and the device serial number under additional system information.

Since this is very confusing and we do not need it, is there a possibility to deactivate or delete some predefined attributes of the system information?

Thank you for your help and best regards

Hi Leon, I didn’t exactly understand what you mean. Are you saying you want to hide or delete some of the system information that is shown when you click on a device?

Hello Leon, not sure to get you right, could you send us a few screenshots to get you right?

What I mean are the freely definable attributes (to be found under system information) and the defined attributes (to be found under additional system information). So see screenshot marked in blue is the attribute as an example. It would be best if I could deactivate / delete some / selectable attributes, listed under system information. Otherwise, if this is not possible, then you can at least hide it, especially from the search and under the device information.

What is the reason for doing this? Is it because you get several results when searching?

First, it is confusing that the serial number is listed twice. It also loses clarity if attributes that can be sensed are not used anyway and thus remain permanently empty.

So the Serial Number in the first set of attributes is for companies that want to add the company’s serial number (e.g. a service tag which is shown on a physical sticker for on-site technicians). This can be modified by the UMS Admin.

…whereas Device Serial Number is from IGEL and gets assigned automatically. This helps IGEL to determine when/where the device was sold, etc.

Only IGEL hardware will have a Device Serial Number whereas any device can be assigned a Serial Number for internal use.

Yes, I already knew the meaning. I find it confusing for users and administrators who don’t deal with IGEL as intensely as I do.

I agree that it’s confusing. Maybe it should be called IGEL Serial Number ?

I find a serial number that can be freely chosen anyway, out of place. For colleagues, myself and the definition, a serial number is a number specified by the manufacturer and not a number defined by administrators. An inventory number is more likely to be used here to identify or describe the product internally.

I agree with you here. The serial number shouldn’t be modified. There’s already an Asset ID field available for this sort of usage.

Maybe post something in #feature-proposals

AFAIK it isn’t possible to hide or disable certain attributes in the UMS

I find the attributes purchase date, inventory number and department very useful and we also use them. It is a pity that these attributes are not used in the quick search. It will take a little more time to search for these attributes, but will certainly have reasons to improve performance. The rest of the freely describable attributes do not apply to us and I would like to deactivate if there is a possibility. Yes, I’ll put an FR later for that.

So, I posted it as FR and let’s see if it finds further approval. Another FR that has already been marked as being processed by the PM has actually been open for a year, but so far nothing has happened so far.

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